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I generally check my email daily!


Volunteer and Visit
You are always welcome in our classroom! Please let me know ahead of time when you would like to come in. We love having parent volunteers in our room. Parents are such an important part of our school family, whether you become involved at school or from home.

It is very important that we take the time periodically to sit together and examine fully your child's growth and development. A conference required by the school will be scheduled at the end of first quarter. Beyond that I make myself available for conferencing at parent request or as I see a need.

Feel free to call me at school at 717-397-5246. If you call before 3:45, I will receive a message and return your call.

I generally send bi-weekly newsletters describing class events, goals and information. This year I am also interested in using this web site to post more frequent news tidbit as well as posting the newsletters.

Special Events and Projects
Throughout the year, our class will have many special events. From time to time children will have the opportunity to share special objects or family projects, or we will ask for parents to share talents and skills. We will also invite family members to join us for a special classroom events. It is important that children bring their lives into the classroom!