Star Writers
1. Use 2 finger spaces.
2. Use punctuation.
3. Use an uppercase letter at the beginning of a sentence.
4. Use the word wall to help spell words.

Kid Writing
Journal Writing Procedures for Classroom Assistants and Parent/Caregiver Volunteers.

1. Ask the child to tell you about his or her drawing. If the child can’t think of anything, point to a part of the picture and say, “Tell me about this part.”

2. Repeat the child’s story back as one complete sentence. Say one word at a time emphasizing the sound or sounds that the child is ready to write.

3. Ask, “Do you hear any letters in the word ?” Allow the child to write what he or she thinks the letters are.

4. If the child has no idea of what letter makes the sound, encourage the child to use a magic line (horizontal blank line) in place of the unknown letter or letters.

5. If the child hears the letter but does not know how to write it, refer to the alphabet chart. (You can find this in the back of the child’s journal).

6. Praise the child for his or her great kid writing. Then write the story in adult writing. Point out any elements in the kid writing that match the adult writing.

7. Read the story back twice with the child, pointing to the adult writing.

8. Please be careful about spelling, print clearly, and use capital letters only where they belong.

9. Remember to praise the child for his or her attempts and to ignore mistakes.

10. Your help means everything! THANK YOU!